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Volunteer sign-ups will open on the following dates:

Fall/Winter 2023 Resale - June 10, 2023


  • If you are a current seller, you will Login using your seller number and password, please do not create another account.
  • You may register to volunteer ahead of time so that all you will need to do is Login and click on the shift you would like.
  • If all volunteer positions are full, you may be put on the back-up list. Please contact us to be placed on this list.

Sign Up

  • Register and login
  • Find the position and time that works best for you
  • Click the blue link that says "Sign Up"

To register to be a volunteer for the resale, click here

Need to change a Shift?


If you need to change a shift, click the blue link that says "Leave Shift" and choose another shift if available.

Canceling the week of the resale?


If you need to cancel the week of the resale, please email  


Each volunteer may only sign up for up to 3 volunteer spots under their name. This allows you and 2 others to shop early Friday night!


Volunteer Benefits

Shifts - 4.5 hour shifts

Shop Time - Friday 8:15pm - 9:45pm *only the volunteer (or 2 others with volunteer, if multiple shifts worked) may shop



Childcare is not available for volunteers.

Volunteers cannot bring children with them during their shift unless the child is a nursing infant. You must also wear/carry your baby during your shift. 



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