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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

  1. When is the 2017 Spring resale?

    Saturday March,25 2017 -  8:00AM – 12:30PM

  2. When is the 2017 Fall resale

    Saturday August 26, 207 8:00AM to 12:30PM

  3. How early can we get in the building on Saturday morning?

    We usually open the doors around 7:00 a.m. Each shopper is given a number and is then directed inside to our gym area where refreshments and chairs are available for you to relax until the resale begins.

  4. How long is the wait Saturday morning?

    That depends. Historically, shoppers begin lining up early Saturday morning (4 a.m. or earlier) and the line often extends around the parking lot. In order to maintain order and provide a positive experience, we allow 50 shoppers in to the resale at a time at various intervals. Between 8:00 – 10:30, the wait can be as long as an hour. So bring a friend, enjoy some coffee/breakfast snacks, and get ready to find some great deals!!

  5. How do I pay for resale items?

    The resale accepts cash or personal checks only.

  6. Is child care provided for shoppers?

    No, childcare is not provided.

  7. Is there a place to try on clothes?

    No, we do not have changing rooms and for security reasons, shoppers may not remove items from the shopping area.

  8. Are strollers permitted?

    Strollers are strongly discouraged, although not prohibited, if shopping first thing on Saturday. Until about 10:00 am, it is fairly congested and strollers make it more difficult to get through the aisles. An area will be set aside for strollers during the first two hours on Saturday; however, shoppers will not be prohibited from taking their strollers with them.

  9. Is the resale a fund raiser for Grace Point (where does the money go)?

    No, the resale is a ministry, not a fundraiser. 85% of the resale proceeds go back to the seller and the resale keeps 15%. That 15% helps provide gift certificates to needy families, donations to projects, and expenses to run the resale. Additionally, the entire resale is run by church and community volunteers.

  10. When is the Spring 2017 toy and clothing resale?

    Saturday, March 25, 2017

  11. How do I become a seller?

    Space & time limits the number of sellers we can allow at each resale. All spots are currently full, if you would like to be placed on our waiting list, please email [email protected]

  12. How do I volunteer?

    The resale is run completely by church and community volunteers and we couldn’t do it without our wonderful volunteers. We usually have around 125 volunteer shifts that are 4 ½ hours each and those spots fill very quickly. You may sign up for ONE shift on volunteer registration day. Please see the volunteer page on this website for more information

  13. Who do I contact with additional questions?

    The fastest way to receive a response is to send an e-mail to [email protected] You can also call the Grace Point Office at 485-2110 x287 and leave your name, phone number, and questions on the voice mail. Please allow time for a response, the week of the resale is busy for all who volunteer their time to this ministry. Also, the voicemail is usually only checked the month before and after each resale.

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Seller Information

  1. When is pick up?

    Pick up is the day of the sale August 26, 2017 from 4:30-5:00.

    ** You NEED to bring your own box or basket to carry your items, do not take the boxes we have them in as we need them for the next sale.

    Items not picked up by 5:00 will be donated.

    If your seller check is not ready by 5:00 pm, it will be mailed to you on Monday.

  2. What if I can not get to pick up at that time, can I make arrangements to pick it up later?

    Generally, late pick up is not an option. You can send someone to pick up your items, but you need to make a note during drop off or leave a phone message (485-2110 x287) so we are aware it is acceptable for that person to pick up your returned items. **Very Important** - you MUST bring your own box or basket to carry your unsold items.

  3. Does the resale accept maternity clothes?

    No, due to space restrictions, we do not accept maternity clothes.

  4. Why is the resale so picky?

    There are a couple reasons why we are so picky. Our goal is to provide reasonably priced gently used clothing. So, we accept items that are in excellent condition only. Also, there are over 30 different inspectors that look at items. Since everyone’s standard of what “excellent condition” is varies, our general comment is “if you can see it (stain, hole,tear), reject it.” We are grateful that our resale has a reputation of selling clothes in great condition. The best way to avoid having a lot of items rejected is to clean them, inspect them carefully, and review the seller packet (we know, it’s long) to make sure you’ve followed all the instructions.

  5. Some of my items were rejected but I am not sure why (or I could not find anything that specifically said it was not allowed).

    We attempt to be as thorough as possible in the seller packet, but every resale new items we never considered are submitted, so a decision has to be made at the time. If we see a lot of the same type of items, we attempt to address it in the next seller packet. We try to balance making the list overwhelmingly long and detailed and yet setting clearly defined standards.

    Besides stains, tears, and rips, the most common rejection reasons are:

    Wrong season (i.e. short sleeves in winter, long sleeve in summer)

    Dirty, odor or pet hair

    Sizes (marked S, M, L instead of size or adult sized items included)

    Items not tagged properly (on the wrong side, info missing, price is not in $0.50 incriments.)

    Inappropriate items (Items meant for adults rather than children, assortments of “cheap” toys that are like Happy Meal Toys, unsanitary items, food).

    We reserve the right to reject anything we find objectionable or inappropraite.

  6. Some of my items were not returned and I did not get paid for them, what should I do?

    First, check the lost and found at pick up. Many items are separated from their tags during the resale. We have a number of security measures in place, but nothing is a guarantee. There isn’t a way for us to verify which items weren’t returned, unless they were high ticket items (which we track). Unfortunately, items are occasionally lost, stolen, or broken and we are not able to pay you for them.

  7. Have you ever considered a 1/2 price table for items rejected for small stains or tears?

    We have talked about that a few times, however, due to both space and time constraints it is not something we felt we could realistically accomplish.

  8. Can I submit new items that have never been worn?

    Yes, but this should be limited to items you bought for your family. We have had sellers submit 10 of the same item in various sizes with the tags still on or nearly all the items were brand new. Professional selling is not permitted and is not the purpose of the resale.

  9. If I am done selling, what should I do?

    • When you drop off, make a notation to the side letting us know that your number is now available.
    • If you realize after drop off you do not want to sell at the resale, please, call (485-2110) within 3 weeks of the next resale. This will allow us enough time to give someone else the opportunity to sell.
    • Seller spot are in high demand, if you do not sell 15+ items your number will also be released to others at the next resale.
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Volunteer Information

  1. Something came up and it is the week of resale, what do I do?

    Call 485-2110 and leave a message on the resale volunteer line as soon as possible so we can find a replacement. Our volunteers are critical to keeping things on track, so the sooner you call the better. If a volunteer does not show up and fails to call ahead of time, they will not be permitted to volunteer for the next resale.

  2. Can volunteers bring a family member along to shop on Friday?

    No, only the volunteer can shop.

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